Our Services

We at Scott’s Chapel Hill Mortuary feel that it is your right to understand, as completely as possible, our services. Many phases of our business are self-evident, however, others are not. Traditions, customs, social-standing, personal feelings, financial status and a multitude of other elements affect each funeral. We conform our services to each family’s individual wishes and their personal or religious needs. Following are the basic services that we offer:

Professional Services

  1. Complete arrangements and funeral directing:
    • Meet with family to secure vital statistics, obituary information, complete cost agreement, select casket (or urn in the case of cremation), etc. Coordinate with clurgey, coroner, fraternal organizations, civic associations, lodges, transportation, hairdresser and cemetery, crematory, or vault company.
    • File Death Certificate, obtain a Burial Permit. Receive, arrange and care for all floral tributes and remove flower cards for the family.
    • Complete all state and federal forms required by law in addition to cemetery or crematory and social security forms.
  2. Preparation and care of the deceased: embalming, shampooing and shaving, dressing and casketing, applying cosmetics, hairdressing and special restorations.
    • Use of Facilities Fees.
    • Operations: these costs relate to facilities, maintenance, utilities, insurance, parking and supplies
    • Equipment: this charge is for arrangements, visitation, funeral day service
    • Preparation: this charge is for embalming, cosmetics, dressing, casketing and supplies.


Casket, vault, choice of clothing, memorial book and acknowledgement cards, bible, crosses, mass cards


We provide a full service of a hearse and limousines for the family.


Call for pricing information.

Available Services

At Scott’s Chapel Hill Mortuary , our family has been serving yours since 2006. We are committed to you and your personal preferences as we work together to design traditional or cremation funeral services to suit your needs. Our experience has shown us that most families select one of the following services, each of which can be personalized to meet your wishes.

Traditional Funeral Service with Visitation and Burial

This is the most commonly selected package that we offer, and includes services of the funeral director, administrative staff, professional staff for coordinating, personalizing, and directing the funeral service, preparation and filing of legal documents, and other paperwork necessary to complete the arrangements: removal from the place of death to the funeral home; embalming and sanitary care of the remains; dressing, casketing, cosmetizing; use of facilities for visitation; automotive equipment including funeral coach and service van; graveside service.

Traditional Funeral Service with One Hour of Visitation Prior to Service and Burial

Includes everything listed above with one hour of visitation prior to the funeral service at the funeral home, church or other location.

Graveside Funeral Service

This option includes everything listed above and may include visitation followed by the graveside funeral services instead of funeral services at the funeral home, church, or other location.