Funeral Planning… Before the need arises.

If you know you are going to make an informed choice when you pre-arrange your funeral, you need to know what you want; how much you can afford to pay; if guarantees are provided on merchandise and services; what happens if you move and want to change funeral homes; the tax consequences of the funding arrangements, if any, and if you are protected against inflation.

Get together with your family. Offer your thoughts and then listen carefully. Give their ideas special attention. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plans. After doing this, call us. We are committed to helping you become informed on the variety of funeral services available, in advance of your need.

Things you should know about pre-planning your funeral

Pre-arrangement is not a preoccupation with death; it’s a good personal tool to use in being prepared. Many people do this in a sincere desire to be helpful to their families and avoid confusion later on. When you prearrange a funeral, you want to arrange one which fits your needs today and into the future.

Generally, funeral plans consist of a two-step process:

Making the funeral arrangements (pre-need funeral contract) and,

Funding the cost of the prearrangement funeral. (life insurance, bank trust, or other method)

It is possible to select funeral goods and services without pre-funding the funeral or to pre-fund a funeral without selecting specific goods and services. If you do either of these, you should be aware that the price of the funeral will usually not be guaranteed.

The pre-need funeral contract

The pre-need funeral contract should identify the person selling the contract, the person purchasing the contract and the person for whom the contract is purchased, if the arrangement is for someone else. In several states, only funeral directors may prearrange your funeral.

You should check your state law and the credentials of the person selling the pre-need funeral contract. If the person selling the contract is not with a funeral home, you should ask to see a copy of the agreement between the seller and the funeral home which you want to conduct your funeral.

The contract should contain:

A complete description of the merchandise and services purchased, and

Disclose the current price of the merchandise and services.
If a unique service is requested, you should discuss this in detail with the funeral service professional to determine if the service can be provided.