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The Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides information on memorial benefits, health services, life insurance programs and more. Information About Veterans Affairs

It is especially important to us, at the Scott’s Chapel Hill Mortuary, that the men and women who have courageously served among the branches of our country’s armed services receive the benefits and honors they deserve at the time of their deaths.

If your loved one was a veteran, we will help you determine VA benefit eligibility, when making funeral arrangements with us. We will provide a US flag for the service to then be presented to the family and we will arrange for burial in a VA cemetery if your family so desires. Also, we can arrange an Honor Guard to be present at the service to perform military honors for your loved one. We will also complete the necessary paperwork required for your loved one to receive a VA stone to be placed on his or her grave.
For more information about Veterans Affairs, visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website (

The Social Security Administration allows survivors to report the death of the loved. The site also provides information on potential benefits that can be claimed by the survivors.

Social Security is another issue to think about upon the death of a loved one. A person’s Social Security Number is a necessary piece of information that Scott’s Chapel Hill Mortuary needs in order to file death certificates and insurance claims. However, there are other concerns a family might have about Social Security, such as notifying the Social Security Administration about a person’s death, stopping Social Security benefit checks, and/or receiving Social Security benefits upon a person’s death.

The Social Security Administration

Scott’s Chapel Hill Mortuary will file a Statement of Death to notify the Social Security Administration of a person’s death. This notification will stop Social Security benefit checks from being sent. After this notification is sent, no further communication between the funeral home and the Social Security Administration will occur. Any other business with the SSA must be handled directly by the family.

The current policy of the Social Security Administration is to give $255 in benefits, if the deceased has a surviving spouse. If there is a surviving spouse (or children, in specific situations), these relatives will need to contact the Social Security Administration to determine what benefits might be available to them. The best way to contact the Social Security Administration is to locate the SSA office in your local area.

For further information about the Social Security Administration, go to Social Security Online (

The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) ( honors Veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our nation.